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PKI Product

PKI Product

MagicLine for PHP

MagicLine for PHP is PKI security solution based on Web. It is designed to encode/decode the transmitted data which contain secret information, and guarantees their secrecy on web, and supports e-signature function for Internet banking and internet e-contract.
MagicLine for PHP executes grouping according to each server group, and composes line-up that applies the optimally secured environment of web to each site with the minimum customizing work. It uses security standard interface of software recommended by Korea Information Security Agency (September, 2004 present), and integrates more usable environments.

Applicable market- financial area: internet banking, cyber trading, cyber insurance- e-commerce area: large capacity of portal, internet shopping, e-commerce, B2B - enterprises area: groupware, intranet, access authority- public area: official authentication agency, e-government, e-civil service, procurement EDI