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What is SAN or Multi SSL?

What is SAN or Multi SSL?

  • - When browsers connect to your server using https, they check to make sure your SSL certificate matches the host name in the address bar.
  • - There are three ways for browsers to find a match:
    1. The host name (in the address bar) exactly matches the Common Name in the certificate's Subject.
    2. The host name matches a wildcard common name. For example, www.example.com matches the common name *.example.com.
    3. The host name is listed in the Subject Alternative Name field.
  • ex) www.wincert.com, web.naver.com, adm.daum.net, image.wincert.com, mail.wincert.co.kr...
  • - The most common form of SSL name matching is for the SSL client to compare the server name it connected to with the common name in the server's certificate. It's a safe bet that all SSL clients will support exact common name matching.

  • - If an SSL certificate has a Subject Alternative Name (SAN) field, then SSL clients are supposed to ignore the common name value and seek a match in the SAN list.